8 Tips for Dry Skin by Facial Lounge

8 Tips for Dry Skin

Much like with acne, many individuals with dry skin are using products and methods that are actually escalating their skin issues. Here are our top tips for fighting dry skin naturally and effectively.

1. tips for dry skin…Hydrate

Let’s be honest, is there anything that proper hydration doesn’t boost? Proper hydration internally is just as critical as external hydration so be sure you are drinking the recommended amount of water each day: half your body weight in ounces of water, plus a little extra if you’re feeling frisky.

2. tips for dry skin…Ditch the Scrubs & Brushes

One of the most frequent mistakes we see here at Facial Lounge is the use of exfoliating scrubs on dry skin. Dry skin can already be extremely sensitive and most scrubs/cleansing brushes are far too harsh. This can lead to even more irritation and drying making the problem even worse.

3. tips for dry skin…Switch to Enzyme Exfoliants

Rather than trying to scrub away dry skin causing even more irritation, use enzyme-based exfoliating products without any granular beads or compounds. These products, like our Papaya Enzyme Mask, use enzymes to gently dissolve dead skin cells and debris to reveal fresh new skin without the aggressive scrubbing.

4. tips for dry skin…Take warm, not hot showers

Extra hot showers dissolve the natural layer of oils on the skin that help with hydration. Shower and bathe in warm water and apply moisturizers to face and body as soon as you can after exiting the shower or bath to allow for optimal absorption.

5. tips for dry skin…Stop using petroleum-based products

Few know that petroleum can actually increased dryness of the skin. Petroleum acts as a barrier that prevents moisture evaporating from the skin. However, it also works in the reverse. Because petroleum is such a thick substance, it also prevents any other products or moisture from being absorbed into the skin.

6. tips for dry skin…Use a humidifier

If possible, keep a humidifier running throughout the day, but especially at night. The more hydration is in the air the less evaporation of moisture from the skin will occur. With new travel size products, it is much easier to have a mini humidifier on your desk at work or even in your car! This is particularly crucial during Winter months and/or in dry/hot climates.

7. tips for dry skin…Go fragrance-free

Synthetic fragrances are good for no-one, but can be particularly irritating for dry skin. Try switching to gentle, fragrance-free products or only products scented with natural compounds like essential oils.

8. tips for dry skin…Switch to toxic-free

Much like synthetic fragrances, other harsh and even harmful compounds in skincare can cause irritation, redness, dryness, hormone imbalances and much more. Here at Facial Lounge we have and always will be champions of natural, non-toxic skincare. For a full list of ingredients we never use and highly recommend everyone cease using, check out our article “17 Ingredients to Avoid & Why“.

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