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Modern Luxury Magazine January 2020

We are so excited to share that we were featured in the January issue of Modern Luxury Magazine OC! We share our collaboration with Interior Designer, Laura Brophy, and her incredible custom designs that allowed us to capture that sense of peace and safety that a space can offer, while still maintaining a modern, chic and earthy energy.
Facial Lounge Q&A with Liftique Orange County

Q&A with Liftique: OC’s Premier Women’s Anti-Aging Institute

When Facial Lounge Owner and Founder, Amber Johnson, met Meryl Kern from Liftique, she instantly felt the genuine concern and passion that Merly has for helping women. Through this Q&A with Liftique we share Founder Meryl Kern’s personal journey that led her to create Liftique, the main services/procedures that Lifetique offers, their upcoming events, contact information and a special discount code for Facial Lounge readers!
Organic, Vegan & Non-Toxic Facials & Skincare by Facial Lounge

The Powerful Connection Between Fiber & Skin Health

We all have heard the word “fiber” thrown around and may know that it is generally good for us, but may not know the specifics of why. Statistics show that 95% of people don’t get enough fiber (men 38g/day, women 25g/day). Not only is it critical for everyday health, fiber and skin health are more closely connected than you would think. Below is a full look at the types of fiber, their benefits, how they play a role in skin health and where to find fiber in foods and/or supplements.
Organic, Vegan & Non-toxic Facial & Skincare by Facial Lounge

Take it Down to the Tits

Facial Lounge Founder & Owner, Amber Johnson, frequently shares with the team and clients the importance of treating your entire body with the same care that you treat your face. We spend hundreds of dollars on the best skincare products and treatments, but often times are still using low-quality and even toxic products for the rest of our body.

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