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Spring Cleaning Your Skincare & Makeup!

It’s here! That wonderful time of year when we get to clean out the old to make way for the new! Most of us are guilty of keeping products long past their expiration dates or simply continuing to purchase products that are toxic or irritating to the skin. While you are minimizing the clutter in your garage, closet or that one desk drawer overflowing with lord knows what, we wanted to encourage you to do the same with your makeup and skincare products!

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The Ultimate Guide to Facial Gua Sha

Quickly gaining momentum, the technique of facial gua sha has been sweeping across social media and the rest of the internet. Unknown to many, gua sha is a healing technique that has been around for centuries. Originating in East Asia, gua sha was and still is a treatment meant to cleanse the chi of an individual. Healers would use any number of different tools to scrap across a person’s legs, back, arms, neck, etc. to allow their chi to flow freely.

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