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What is Color Therapy? by Facial Lounge

What is Color Therapy (Chromotherapy)

Did you know Facial Lounge uses color therapy?? We have intentionally and selectively chosen colors based on their affects physical and emotional effects. Our treatment rooms each utilize color therapy lights and we will soon be introducing our color therapy skin treatment! Many of our clients are unaware of the intentionality behind the colors we use and the many benefits they can provide. This article seeks to provide an easy-to-digest explanation of the complex practice of color therapy. We will explain what color is, what color therapy is and the physical and emotional benefits of each color.

Why You Should Never Bring Your Cell Phone in the Sauna

Hopefully, most of you are taking advantage of the amazing benefits of saunas and more specifically, infrared saunas. Many of our guests take advantage of our infrared sauna before treatments (it’s free with your treatment)! We love to see so many of you excited to use the sauna and want you to receive that maximum benefit possible. With that said, we have noticed many guests using cell phones and wearing smart watches while in the infrared sauna. We are here to explain why this is a BIG no, no!
8 Benefits of Infrared Sauna by Facial Lounge

8 Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

Improve heart health and sleep, achieve clearer skin, reduce stress and fatigue, relieve pain from muscle aches and arthritis, detox the body AND burn calories? There isn’t much more any of us could ask for from a treatment….Infrared saunas boast a long list of benefits begging the question, “Why doesn’t everyone have one of these??” For those who still need convincing here is an in-depth article surrounding the benefits of infrared saunas, recommended use and additional articles for more information.
How to Detox After the Holidays by Facial Lounge

How to Detox After the Holidays

As the Holidays come to a close family and friends return home, the last remnants of decor are packed away and you finally have a second to stop and breathe again…The Holidays hopefully leave us with a new collection of beautiful memories to take with us into the next year. Unfortunately, they can often leave us with some other less enjoyable gifts: bloating, breakouts, weight gain, digestive issues and potentially a few grey hairs from all the stress.