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The Powerful Connection Between Fiber & Skin Health

We all have heard the word “fiber” thrown around and may know that it is generally good for us, but may not know the specifics of why. Statistics show that 95% of people don’t get enough fiber (men 38g/day, women 25g/day). Not only is it critical for everyday health, fiber and skin health are more closely connected than you would think. Below is a full look at the types of fiber, their benefits, how they play a role in skin health and where to find fiber in foods and/or supplements.
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Take it Down to the Tits

Facial Lounge Founder & Owner, Amber Johnson, frequently shares with the team and clients the importance of treating your entire body with the same care that you treat your face. We spend hundreds of dollars on the best skincare products and treatments, but often times are still using low-quality and even toxic products for the rest of our body.
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New Skincare Sets

Announcing our new Skincare Sets! We have created three different skincare sets combining our most powerful products to address specific skincare concerns. All sets are offered at a discounted price compared to buying each of the products individually and include a free travel size product.
Retinol: Definition, Benefits, How To Use by Facial Lounge

Retinol: Everything You Need to Know

Retinol has long been revered for it's anti-aging and acne-fighting abilities. Learn all about the benefits of retinol, the different types of retinoids, how to use retinoid products along with our own retinol product along with other complementary recommendations. P.S. Read to the end for an exclusive discount code for online purchases!
7 Tips to Keep Skin Glowing & Blemish-Free This Holiday Season by Facial Lounge

7 Tips to Keep Skin Glowing & Blemish-Free This Holiday Season

Ahhhh the holidays….filled with joyous family reunions, gift-giving, delicious feasts oh….and bloating, breakouts and total body meltdowns. Our change in habits during this time of year (more sugar and alcohol consumption, less self-care, etc)  can lead to a variety of negative results including bloating, excess water retention, increased pain and swelling in the body, increased arthritis, poor skin tone, blemishes, and full-on breakouts. Here are 7 tips to keep your skin glowing and blemish-free this holiday season!