Many Facial Lounge clients are already big fans of our custom light therapy treatment add-on with LightStim® LED. We’re happy to announce that Facial Lounge and LightStim® LED have joined forces to make these handheld devices and Pro Panels available to you! You can now elevate your at-home facials to a new level, and feed your gadget-geek appetite. Allow LightStim® LED to bring its acne, anti-aging or pain therapies to your doorstep.

How does it work?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy is proven to fight acne and signs of aging by emitting an infrared light in precise wavelengths, ultimately healing your skin using controlled heat. This technique has several therapeutic advantages – and when applied directly to the skin – delivers benefits like reducing fine lines and wrinkles, temporarily increasing blood circulation, and treating mild to moderate acne; all the while remaining non-invasive, painless and requiring zero downtime.

If [the light is] red, your skin responds by building, strengthening and maximizing cellular structure. Red light is also believed to target oil glands to reduce cytokines, which cause inflammation and play a role in chronic acne. In the case of blue light, specific wavelengths stimulate production of oxygen radicals that kill P. Acnes bacteria, all without damaging skin,” as explained by board-certified dermatologic surgeon Dendy Engelman, MD. These LightStim® devices have been used amongst celebs like Paris Hilton, the Kardashians and countless renowned skincare professionals.

Handheld Devices

LightStim® for Wrinkles retails for $249 (+ free shipping)


  • Encourages collagen and elastin production (proteins which keep our skin strong and tight, but deteriorate with age
  • Clinically-proven to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in only 8 weeks
  • Aid in the reduction of pesky inflammation
  • Utilizes a symphony of red, light red, deep red & infrared lights
  • Can be safely used on the entire face (crow’s feet, eyes, forehead, cheeks, etc.)

LightStim® for Acne retails for $169 (+ free shipping)


  • Calms existing breakouts
  • Blue light destroys acne-causing bacteria
  • Utilizes a combination of red and blue lights
  • Suitable for adults and teens

LightStim® for Pain retails for $249 (+ free shipping)


  • Temporarily relieves minor muscle and joint pain naturally; reduces arthritic pain and stiffness; and increases local blood circulation to accelerate the body’s recovery process
  • Non-invasive and chemical-free treatment with no negative side effects
  • Utilizes a combination of light red, deep red, infrared and deep infrared lights
  • Originally used by NASA for wound healing in space

Pro Panels

LightStim® Professional Pro Panel Lights retail for $6500 (+ free shipping)


  • Hands-free application and fully-programmable timer
  • Same benefits as handheld devices with increased number of lights
  • Hinged panels and articulating arm conform to clients’ treatment area

If you have questions or are interested in purchasing a device, please send all inquiries to

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