Sea Whip Extract by Facial Lounge


Sea Whip Extract is a natural ingredient from the marine organism Pseudopterogoria Elisabethae. Sea Whip extract is known as an extremophile; extremophiles are organisms that live in very extreme environments and can survive conditions that would kill most other organisms; for example high temperatures or high concentrations of salt in water. A renewable resource usually harvested from the Caribbean Sea, this extract is safe, effective, environmentally friendly and one of our favorite healing ingredients here at Facial Lounge!

Sea Whip Extract by Facial Lounge


1.Protect & Heal Skin from Damage

The protective and repairing enzymes found in extremophiles like Sea Whip are what protect these organisms from the harsh conditions they live in. These protective enzymes are incredibly powerful and guarding the skin against damage as well as healing previous damage.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

Sea Whip Extract is able to actively disrupt the inflammation process making it an exceptional ingredient for individuals who struggle with redness and/or sensitive skin. The Sea Whip Extract is able to reduce inflammation, allowing the skin to calm and heal. These anti-inflammatory effects are also beneficial for those who struggle with seasonal allergies of food & substance allergies that can frequently cause irritation and inflammation in the skin.

3. Neutralizes Irritation-Causing Enzymes

Sea Whip Extract is also a powerful healing ingredient as it neutralizes enzymes that are responsible for irritation evident in skin sensitivity, sunburn and aging, as well as pain and swelling from acne. These neutralizing effects paired with the anti-inflammatory and healing capabilities of Sea Whip make it an incredible ingredient for any with sensitive and/or acne-prone skin. It is also a fabulous ingredient to incorporate during the summer months when sun exposure is high and sun burns frequent!

Check out our Sea Whip Gelle Masque! Delivers comforting moisture and repair-support in minutes with this instantly cooling, high potency blend of hydrating panthenol, calming allantoin and ultra-soothing sea whip. Acts within minutes for hours of relief. Perfect for any with seasonal allergies, eczema, redness, irritation from acne, sun burns and other forms of skin irritation or sensitive skin! Fragrance & Paraben-Free.

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