Facial Lounge Q&A with Liftique Orange County

Q&A w/Liftique Orange County

When Facial Lounge Owner and Founder, Amber Johnson, met Meryl Kern from Liftique, she instantly felt the genuine concern and passion that Meryl has for helping women. After touring Liftique’s newly opened Newport Beach, Orange County office, Amber knew their services were the perfect pairing to what we do at Facial Lounge.

Through this Q&A with Liftique we share Founder Meryl Kern’s personal journey that led her to create Liftique, the main services/procedures that Liftique offers, their upcoming events, contact information and a special discount code for Facial Lounge readers!

Facial Lounge Q&A with Liftique Orange County
Image: liftique.com

Introduce us to Founder, Meryl Kern.

“When newlywed Meryl Kern was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she joined the more than 3.1 million women with a history of this cancer in the USA. Estrogen, a hormone that helps keep skin youthful, is often blocked in breast cancer survivors and it progressively diminishes in menopausal women. For Meryl, the loss of her sense of beauty and sexuality was particularly acute.

After undergoing multiple reconstructive surgeries, Meryl’s focus is on non-surgical solutions to address concerns of all women living with courage, facing up to adversity and standing fearlessly together to celebrate our similarities as well as our differences. In our community, diversity is expected, self-expression is honored, all women are welcomed, and you are included.”

I never thought that I would be doing this after cancer, but I’m so happy to be a part of something that I believe empowers women to embrace survivorship and life, whatever their personal circumstances, looking and feeling good about who they are and being confident about life ahead.

Facial Lounge Q&A with Liftique Orange County
Image: liftique.com

What led Founder, Meryl Kern to create Lifetique?

“As a breast cancer survivor, I wanted to create a unique one-stop medical practice for women of all ages, where they can get support and solutions from head to toe. I wanted to offer an entire range of non-surgical, minimally invasive aesthetic treatments, Vaginal health care and traditional Cosmetic Surgery procedures so women can look and feel naturally beautiful and live their best life at every age”.

What is Liftique?

“Liftique® is an innovative, non-surgical and minimally invasive integrated medical practice with a specialty in using energy-based technologies for skin tightening and skin regeneration. Using FDA-approved radiofrequency technologies, Liftique® offers a unique combination of proven technologies that simulate the body’s natural ability to rebuild the deep layers of collagen and elastin, the two protein structures within the skin required to achieve firm, tight, smooth and more youthful looking skin. Liftique helps women’s skin snapback into a more youthful appearance. We also provide non- invasive treatments to keep your skin tight, bright, and glowing. All delivered by RN’s and other top medical professionals.

The new 6,300 square foot location offers Liftique Face, Body, and Blush consultations and procedures from the brand’s team of board-certified doctors and mid- level professionals. The new practice also features a 75-person education center where clients will be able to join Meryl Kern and the Liftique team for events and speaking seminars that will focus on a variety of inspiring and uplifting topics surrounding female health and empowerment.”

What are some of the procedures Liftique offers?

Skin Tightening

“Our signature minimally-invasive RF skin tightening procedure gives you a natural looking, tighter skin appearance WITHOUT going under the knife, general anesthesia or having a long downtime.”

  • Rebuild and remodel your Collagen and Elastin from the inside out to tighten and firm your skin naturally
  • A more defined jawline
  • Reduce loose, crepey neck skin
  • Improvement of fine lines on face and mouth
  • ​Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin’s surface for a smoother more glowing appearance
  • No Surgery. No Scalpels. No Scars. No General Anesthesia.
  • No Long Recovery Time
  • No Repeat Treatments
Facial Lounge Q&A with Liftique Orange County
Image: liftique.com, Before & After photos from Signature Skin Tightening Prodecure.
Bye Bye cellulite

“Liftique’s Bye Bye Cellulite is a multi-treatment radio frequency energy-based procedure that stimulates collagen growth at the cellular level. In doing so, this cellulite treatment works with your body to produce increasingly noticeable results over the course of one or more months. Optimal results are often achieved within three months but may continue to improve even after that, helping ensure your skin stays smooth and attractive for years to come.”

  • Safest, most advanced cellulite treatment available
  • Minimally invasive treatment option
  • Multiple treatments result in smoother, thicker, tighter skin that reduces the dimpled appearance of cellulite
  • Multiple areas can be treated in one session
  • No general anesthesia required
  • Minimal pain or discomfort
  • Short recovery and minimal downtime
  • Results are seen in a few months, with more pronounced long term results becoming visible after several additional months and lasting several years
Liftique Blush

“Liftique Blush is a comprehensive “treat-to-complete-satisfaction” non-surgical, women’s medical practice dedicated to the relief of painful and embarrassing bladder and vaginal health issues. Many women struggle with bladder and vaginal health issues. Unfortunately, too many women don’t want to talk about this topic with each other or even with their healthcare providers.”

  • Reduce Vaginal Dryness
  • Regain Bladder Control 
  • Increase Vaginal Tightness and Sensitivity
  • Improve Vaginal Appearance

Upcoming events

The vagina dialogues
Facial Lounge Q&A with Liftique Orange County
Click the image to view event on EventBrite.com

Liftique Contact Info

Address: 3701 Birch St, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Website: https://www.liftique.com/ 

Phone: 844-454-3847

Discount Code:

Facial Lounge guests can use code “FacialLounge” for a 15% discount!

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