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In case you haven’t hear us say it enough…YES. Your skincare routine should be changing throughout the year. Winter months may require more hydration and gentle exfoliation. Spring brings with it allergies and sensitive skin often times requiring a more gentle skincare regime. Summer means long beach days, a sun burn or two and a lot of oxidative stress! Here are our tips for how to adjust your skincare routine for the summer months!

 For any who may have missed them, here are our articles on Winter and Spring skincare routines!


First and foremost, let’s talk sunscreen. We are extremely critical of most sunscreens as they frequently contain hormone disrupting, allergy-causing and even carcinogenic chemicals (read our full article on chemicals in sunscreens here). Definitely check out that article for a more in depth look at what to avoid. With that said, here are a few notes on sunscreen use:

Avoid moisturizers with SPF

Many do not realize that when a bottle of sunscreen says “SPF 50” this can mean two things: one, in every pump of product you will get 50 SPF; two, there is 50 SPF in the entire bottle meaning that in one pump of product the SPF might actually be only 3 or 4.

This is extremely common in moisturizers with SPF which is why we recommend avoiding them altogether.

Look for mineral based sunscreens

Mineral based sunscreens tend to have significantly less chemicals and protect the skin so much better than chemical based sunscreens!

Apply moisturizer first and then finish with sunscreen

Extra time in the sun can mean dehydrated skin. Don’t skip the moisturizer just because you are applying sunscreen! Use a light moisturizer like our Oil Free Moisturizer or Hydrogel to hydrate the skin and then apply sunscreen on top.

Don’t forget the eyes!

Use a mineral sunscreen around the under-eye area and eyelids to protect the delicate and thin skin. Mineral sunscreens are least likely to cause irritation, but if you are especially sensitive use a brand that has as few ingredients as possible. One we would recommend is Elta MD.


Most mineral sunscreens provide better protection and longer protection than chemical-based sunscreens, but you should still be reapplying every 2 hours or after getting wet.



Before Sun Exposure

 All that sun time can lead to sun burns, sun spots, melasma, etc. Before a day out you might consider adding in an antioxidant or Vitamin C serum before applying sunscreen to help fight oxidative stress from sun damage and environmental toxins.

Don’t forget that internal hydration is a key factor in keeping the skin supple. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water before, during and after long sun exposure to keep your cells wells hydrated internally!

Post-Sun Exposure

After a long day in the sun be sure to care for your skin by cleansing gently, applying a healing and soothing mask, a hydrating and healing moisturizer and maybe another pump of your antioxidant serum. After products have set ice entire face and neck. This helps reduce any inflammation and let fresh blood flow to the face and neck to provide healing to the skin.

Some of our favorite healing ingredients are sea whip extract (read our ingredient highlight on sea whip extract here). Sea whip is able to calm irritations and actually blocks the communication pathways of inflammation causing agents. Look for cleansers, moisturizers, masks, etc with sea whip extract for extra soothing and healing benefits.



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