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AMANDA STANTON from the bachelor

To be honest, I struggle a lot with breakouts. I am one of those people who absolutely has to wash every ounce of makeup off my face before bed or I will wake up with a zit. It’s always been an insecurity of mine especially going on National TV! Just recently I was getting my makeup done (by @devonduff who is amazing) and was telling her how bad I’ve been breaking out. She told me about her friend Amber at the Facial Lounge in Corona del Mar and how she works miracles. I was always skeptical about getting facials because the few times I’ve had them in the past, my skin broke out even worse and I never really saw results. But I decided to give her a try and YOU GUYS, Amber is MAGIC. She customizes facials specifically for your skin and does the best extractions. I’ve gone to her for almost a month now and not to brag, but my skin is looking flawless- haha! Even after my first facial, I could tell a dramatic difference.

I’ve referred all my friends and family to her and am so thankful I found her. It’s amazing how much more confidence a girl gains when she has clear skin. (This isn’t an ad nor am I being paid to write this, by the way. Just want to spread the word for any locals in OC or LA who struggle with their skin. You muuuust go!


  •  Pore Clarifying Cleanser from the Facial Lounge. It’s all natural and keeps my skin clear without drying it out. I recommend this wash to all of my friends!



I first found Facial Lounge when I was pregnant with my first baby and struggling with bad hormonal acne. I immediately fell in love with my esthetician, Elle, who I knew right away wanted my skin clear as quickly and as much as I did. She worked with me to clear my skin and gave me personalized facials each time. Elle talked me through tips on how to achieve clear skin, while also pairing me up with my own personalize routine of products.

Facial lounge is my place! I am so thankful to have found facial lounge for many reasons. I love my girls, Elle and Amber. They are incredibly knowledgeable, caring, trustworthy and passionate. I use only and about all of Facial lounge’s products. I just love how they have helped change my face by nourishing and feeding my face exactly what it needs, and also giving me results!!

It is the place to go to see results and to look your best. Facial lounge has helped me not only control my acne through two pregnancies, but has helped me maintain and improve my skin! If you are looking for a place to see results of any kind, this is the place, products and girls who will help you achieve what you want! From everyday mom to glamorous events, I always feel confident and ready! Thank you Facial Lounge!


Susan Samueli

My favorite treat that I give myself is a facial at Facial Lounge!! The spa ambience, products and soothing facials make my day. Best of all is my skin beautiful and refreshed and my soul is healed as well. I leave feeling beautiful inside and out.