Why You Should Never Bring Your Cell Phone in the Sauna

Hopefully, most of you are taking advantage of the amazing benefits of saunas and more specifically, infrared saunas. For those who aren’t check out our article on infrared saunas here!

Many of our guests take advantage of our infrared sauna before treatments (it’s free with your treatment)! We love to see so many of you excited to use the sauna and want you to receive that maximum benefit possible. With that said, we have noticed many guests using cell phones and wearing smart watches while in the infrared sauna. We are here to explain why this is a BIG no, no!


EMF’s…a term that is becoming ever more present in conversation. EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields. The earth and the sun are both sources of natural EMFs that have been present since the beginning of time. The technological era we are in has brought with it a seemingly endless score of man-made EMFs through cell phones, smart watches, computers, wifi and other wireless technologies.

The impact of EMFs on the body is controversial for several reasons. Many claim there is not enough evidence to support claims that EMFs are harmful to the body. Furthermore, with the prevalence of technology in almost every aspect of our lives many tech companies are determined to ignore and even discourage testing in this area. Despite this, however, there are several emerging studies that suggest EMFs can be harmful to the body.


Many systems in our body operate on electrical currents: heart, nervous system, mitochondria, liver enzymes, etc. Exposure to man-made EMFs can interfere with our bodies’ electromagnetic systems. Along with this, “EMFs are contributing to our toxic load. There is a very strong synergistic effect between EMF exposure and toxin exposure, especially heavy metals, or pesticides, or certain classes of chemicals. EMFs open the calcium channels, causing calcium influx into the cell. This calcium channel stays open, and many calcium ions are allowed to flow in. The downstream effect of that is we can have DNA damage”. This electromagnetic disruption and cell damage can lead to a host of ailments.


According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer low frequency EMF radiation is a class 2B potential carcinogen (read their article here). Significant increases in brain cancers have been found by the National Toxicology Program (source).

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Brain fog
  • Dizziness and vertigo
  • Frequent illnesses
  • HPA axis dysfunction (also known as adrenal fatigue)
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Cancer or increased in cancer risk

Sources listed below…


Saunas and more specifically infrared saunas are able to detox the body of heavy metals, chemical build-up and other harmful toxins. When you bring a cell phone into an infrared sauna you are negating the whole detoxification process and actually polluting the clean environment with the EMF radiation from your cell phone and/or smart watches. The health of our clients is our TOP concern and we are dedicated to providing a safe space for healing to occur!

Please help keep the environment of our sauna pure by leaving cellular devices (phones, headphones and watches) outside of the sauna. For our Facial Lounge guests please have patience with our staff should you be asked to place your electronic devices outside of the sauna. Remember the reason is to protect you and any others utilizing the sauna!

Many guests enjoy bringing in a book, joining in conversation with others or simply melting into the warm silence and letting the mind relax! Use your sauna time as the quiet space your mind and body has been craving. Please share with others who regularly use saunas or infrared saunas to continue the chain of education!







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