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Foaming Facial Scrub

Why it’s a Winter Must:

Dry skin in the winter can cause flaking and roughness. This cleanser is perfect to use in the morning to gently scrub away and roughness and leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Microbeadlets of Equadorian Ivory Palm and Jojoba are suspended in a deep cleansing gel and blended with invigorating essential oils to quickly smooth rough skin of excess oil, dead cells and impurities.

Who Should Use It:

This is a great product for anyone who likes a little extra exfoliation. For those will more oily skin it is great for absorbing excess oil and clearing out clogged pores. For those with dry skin it is a great product to exfoliate the dead skin cells without stripping the skin of moisture.

Gentle Facial Cleanser

Why it’s a Winter Must:

With dryness often comes irritation, redness and heightened skin sensitivities. Using a face wash that is too abrasive or contains synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals will only worsen skin problems. We call our Gentle Facial Cleanser the “Vegan Cetaphil”. Free of common allergens, fragrances, colorants, mineral oils, alcohol, or irritating cleansing or emulsifying agents, this ultra-gentle face wash thoroughly cleanses the skin without causing or making current irritations worse. The soothing ingredients like Sea Whip and Panthenol can actually begin to reverse sensitivities as the skin calms and heals.

Who Should Use It:

This is an amazing product for anyone simply because it is so gentle and hydrating, but for those who have extremely sensitive and/or dry skin this is a must.


Superhero Creme

Why it’s a Winter Must:

Our Superhero Creme is our richest moisturizer delivering serum-potency treatment to dry and very-dry skin. For those looking for a thicker moisturizer for extremely dry skin this is the perfect product. It also happens to be one of our best anti-aging products! Deep moisture renews the skin’s softness, resilience and supple texture within weeks. Contours are more visibly defined, fine lines and deep creases are minimized and firmness returns.

Who Should Use It:

For those with extra-dry skin this will provide a rich layer of long-lasting moisture. If you do not have dry skin but are looking for some serious anti-aging results this is also a great option for you. The intense moisture provides a whole range of anti-aging results.

Superhero Stem Cell Serum

Why it’s a Winter Must:

Tired of dull, lifeless skin? This product transforms the look of skin with 10 synergistic time-reversal technologies regardless of age. It illuminates and revitalizes radiance from within, visibly smoothes surface lines instantly and deeper lines over time. The skin’s youthful architecture is visibily lifted, volumized, redensified and redefined within weeks.

Who Should Use It:

Our Superhero Stem Cell Serum is a powerful multi-action restoring serum for all skin types. Another of our strongest anti-aging products.

Face Masks:

Sea Whip Gelle Masque

Why it’s a Winter Must:

Irritated, tight, burning, itching redness….this mask delivers instant comfort and cooling. Panthenol quickly absorbs into the skin hydrating even the deepest layers. This ingredient infuses water directly into cells allowing the skin tissue to retain moisture for hours. Allantoin is a non-irritating ingredient which increases smoothness, supports skin healing and promotes cell proliferation and longevity. Lastly, Sea Whip Extract actually neutralizes the enzyme responsible for skin irritation. It reduces redness, sensitivity, swelling and pain!

Who Should Use It:

Anyone experiencing irritation from redness, swelling, dryness, itching, rashes, etc. This product acts instantly to relieve pain and irritation and actually heal the skin of these hypersensitivities.

Whipped Creme Sleeping Masque

Why it’s a Winter Must:

Another product that delivers serious hydration to the skin. It contains ingredients like liquid crystals that are “skin-like” molecules that maintain healthy moisture levels and barrier integrity. Detoxifying microgreens support the skin’s natural detoxifying  enzymes while promoting the elimination of environmental toxins. Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in Omega 3, 6, 7, an 9 which replenish critical lost lipids due to aging.

Who Should Use It:

This product was originally created for flight attendants who were constantly in air conditioned cabins that dramatically dehydrated the skin. It is an amazing product for those who travel frequently and/or work indoors in a heated or air conditioned environment that drains the skin of moisture.

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